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Sailing with a dog

Traveling with a dog april 2016 We sail with a dog on board, and have done that already for years. And it’s actually never been a problem. Except for the two years that we sailed to the Kanaaleilanden (Channel Islands). In those days we left the dog at home, because the rules in that area […]

Christmas vacation on the boat in Lagos

Christmas vacation on the boat in Lagos Christmas in Lagos In December, we will go back to the boat, which is still in Lagos. Luckily our Christmas holiday starts early this year, because we want to be back on New Year’s Eve to celebrate with our friends. Dad would like be back too, because he […]

Wannabe meets “pro”

Wannabe meets ‘pro’ Early May After reading the book ‘Handboek voor Wereldburgers’ (freely translated into ‘Handbook for World Citizens’) written by Esther Jacobs, I get even more excited. Esther is a Digital Nomad. She has no fixed place of living, but resides, works and lives in different places in the world. Thanks to cheap tickets […]

Personal Branding

Personal branding Friday May 13 Inspirational Workshop a gift  This morning I followed an unexpected inspiration workshop by Bernadette Vrijling of Aserto. This was how. Last night I was at Weblish for a training MailChimp when Manuela told us that there was still a free spot today, which was even free as well. Thus a […]


How I was helped by people on the other side of the world. Assistance with digital jobs. April 2016 From bad to worse So we’re going to create a website. At least, Ferdy is making it for us. We have to gather content. That means a to do list for the girls and me. The […]