How I was helped by people on the other side of the world.

Assistance with digital jobs.

April 2016

From bad to worse
So we’re going to create a website. At least, Ferdy is making it for us. We have to gather content. That means a to do list for the girls and me.

The first to-do on the list almost too great a stumbling block. We have to search for photos, with a high resolution. Preferably with an amusing anecdote along. So we immediately can create a blog. And also gather videos for the You Tube channel.

    The fact is, that all our photos and videos are hidden and distributed on five different computers, six mobile phones and four external drives. We desperately need to sort this out and organize all of it. And before you know it, you are caught a huge other job. Which you actually don’t want to be doing at this time. The so-called from bad to worse …

We must do this differently. If we want to do everything perfectly, that site will never appear. We ask Ferdy to go ahead and launch the site. Then we will polish during the process. Several tips to new bloggers suggested that you should just start.
I email him some pictures from my iPhone and computer. Hopefully they are sharp enough
However, figuring out how Icloud works and putting all our pictures in the cloud put, is something that definitely needs to happen. It stays on my to-do list, but I give it less priority. That creates space. And ensures progress of our website.

To do

Merel wanted a worldmap on the site with countries where we have been. Then she can dream where else she would like to go. Ferdy send us a suitable worldmap, we do it just to colour it in. But nothings happens…. Mila has a lot of test from school, Merel has final exams pretty soon. And I have to figure out how that works. Time-consuming, I want to continue.

Then I decide to figure out how it works if you outsource digital jobs. How you can work with a so-called VA virtual assistant. Of course, I had read about in books and articles about Digital Nomads and location independent working. Time to give it a try!

First I check the site Fiverr. That looks really great. You can book all kind of tasks from 5 dollars. One of the fun the fun things is the birthday songs that you can order.

I sign on to Fiverr and make a request. My question is whether anyone can colour my map. Within a few hours, I receive some offers. I choose an Irish lady, who is willing do it for five dollars. 20 hours later, I receive the coloured worldmap. As I had requested. Instead of the Bahamas, she coloured the entire Caribbean yellow, but we take that for granted. This is nice! Things are getting done!

filled in world map

This is fun! Merel wanted to design a logo. She drew a concept. But in order to work it out for the site, it must be digital. That means, figuring out what app or program we should use. And learn how to use it…. But the impending final exams have her priority at this moment. And I am not digitally smart enough. That would cost me a lot of time! I’m going to search for a solution on Fiverr.

We give the job to someone from India with good references. It costs us 10 dollars. We define what we want and the next morning we receive three logos. And we are quite happy with them. They adapt it a bit to meet our requirements. The boat could have been a little less “oriental”, but we are pleased with the results. What is this outsourcing a nice thing to do. Things are actually being done. Handy, especially for someone with a pragmatic attitude like me.

Logo morgane of sark

If you’re satisfied, you can give tip. And for 15 euros extra, they make a Source file. Then we can also print on business cards. You certainly guess what my next search on Fiverr will be?

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