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Sailing with a dog

Traveling with a dog

april 2016

We sail with a dog on board, and have done that already for years. And it’s actually never been a problem. Except for the two years that we sailed to the Kanaaleilanden (Channel Islands). In those days we left the dog at home, because the rules in that area were just way too strict! This was still our dog Jelle, our quite oversized Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen.

He was always having a great time on board, especially when everyone was around him.

Nine out of his eleven years Jelle came with us: to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium and France. And we never felt restricted by bringing him.

After Jelle unfortunately died last January, we decided to have a new dog again. But because we are now traveling further south, we have to go there by plane first and a smaller sized dog was the next logical step. So that became our Teuntje; he’s a dachshund and he can join us in the cabin of the aircraft.

Dachshund in his travelbag

Dachshund in his travelbag


Last summer Teuntje flew with us for the first time, to La Coruña in Galicia, Spain. Straight from the plane into the bus. In a special bag for that matter, but I didn’t even think about it at all. It was never a problem: Teuntje went everywhere with us, no one ever stopped us or said something about it.

Only in Combarro we had a bad experience. Teuntje wasn’t in his bag yet when the bus arrived. So we were putting him in the bag while we got on the bus. ‘A bajo’, yelled the bus driver in a quite fierce way. So I quickly put Teun on the ground. That was clearly not what the driver wanted and he pushed us out of the bus! He wanted us to put Teuntje in the luggage room at the bottom of the bus!!

When we got out of the bus, the driver shut the doors and quickly drove off. When driving away, we looked at the bus and could see that the other passengers were quite angry at the bus driver.

We were completely astonished. How did he think of putting our puppy in the luggage room?! What a barbarian.

After this, we took a taxi, where of course there was no problem at all.

Teuntje in Sevilla

Teuntje in Sevilla


We continued sailing and arrived in Porto. We took Teuntje on the bus to the centre where we took a tour and had a tasting at a port maker. Teuntje was there all the time. At the second port tasting at Kopke we were put aside from the other people in a separate room, because of the dog… In retrospect, it turned out to actually be very kind of them. Because later we saw that dogs are not allowed to go inside buildings anywhere in Portugal…

In Lisbon we continued to happily ‘drag’ Teuntje along. On the tour buses, in the tram and taxis: no one ever mentioned anything about him. He only really wasn’t allowed to get in buildings with us. Not in stores, restaurants, and also not in shopping malls, which was sometimes a bit tricky. Especially with two adolescent girls who love shopping. When we carried him around in his bag, people sometimes pretended as if they didn’t see him.

Dog in the travelbag in the train

Dog in the travelbag in the train

Back in Spain, Andalusia this time

April 2016.
We had just come from a great sailing trip from Vilamoura to Mazagon. The plan is to go to Seville tomorrow, where we booked a dog friendly hotel.

The only thing now is, that it seems very difficult to get from Mazagon to Seville. Everyone in Mazagon says that dogs are not allowed on buses. On Google we find out that it is indeed possible to bring a dog on the bus, but they will have to go in the luggage room. And we will of course not do that.

Luckily we found out that dogs are allowed on the train, but to go by train, we must first go to Mazagon Huelva. And there’s only one train in that direction at 7:00 am and one at 15:00 pm.
Renting a car seems to be another option. But it is low season and it turns out that the car rental company won’t answer his phone anymore because it’s Saturday afternoon… Bummers!

Keep on trying

We decide that we will just pretend that we are not aware of the rules. In the end, when we really didn’t know, we would always just bring Teuntje without checking. We said nothing and asked nothing and just took him. We’re going to just try to take the bus at 10:00 am. In case it doesn’t work, we can still take a taxi to Huelva. That will cost us 25 euros though.

Plaza Espana

Plaza Espana


We have been to Seville for two days. What a lovely, lively and pleasant city! We highly recommend it.
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 We have stayed in the harbour of Mazagon six nights. It is a good looking, new and big marina. But also empty. I made me think of Muxia a little. There too, we were, together with the Jupita, the only passers.

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