Wannabe meets “pro”

Wannabe meets ‘pro’
Early May
After reading the book ‘Handboek voor Wereldburgers’ (freely translated into ‘Handbook for World Citizens’) written by Esther Jacobs, I get even more excited. Esther is a Digital Nomad. She has no fixed place of living, but resides, works and lives in different places in the world. Thanks to cheap tickets and technological developments, she can live and work wherever she wants. She has written several books about it, magazines write about her life and lifestyle regularly and she gives workshops. Her books are full of useful tips for people like her.
I want that too!
For a long time, I also thought about becoming a ‘global citizen’, but sometimes life takes you elsewhere. The book of Esther inspired me tremendously: such a life appeals to me too! I love to travel and now that the children are older, it’s easier to leave home. Also, I like to work and I want to continue to do so over the next 20 years. So preferably, I will not wait to start traveling more until after my 67th birthday. At this moment I’m still fit. Moreover, my work doesn’t necessarily have to be done on site.
Taking steps
The upcoming months I will be taking steps to develop myself in the digital field of work. I’m participating in a course in SEO writing and in the meantime learning a lot about SEO in general.
I watch webinars and tutorials on different topics within online marketing, I attend a WordPress and MailChimp course and a website about our life aboard of our sailboat Morgane of Sark will actually be a fact soon too!

Working on the road
Location independent work
Meanwhile, I have been reading more deeply into the phenomenon ‘Digital Nomad’ and location independent working. I would like to do more with this movement on a professional level. Would there already be a recruitment agency for location independent work? All kinds of ideas go through my head at the same time. How do I go about this? Who can I talk to about this freely? With Esther Jacobs of course!
I decide to schedule a resultant session with Esther Jacobs.
Interview with Esther
We meet on a sunny terrace in Amsterdam. It turns into a very nice and useful conversation. Besides that, Esther is also just a very likeable person. Now that I have a better idea in mind of what I want to achieve and how I want to organize my life, it’s nice to be able to express it. Talking about it makes plans more concrete.
Which is also one of the main recommendations Esther gives me: bring your plans and ideas out there. Stay close to yourself and make yourself visible. Share your ideas and insights. Also describe the search that you are going through at the moment to achieve your future goals. When people know that you want to set up something in the field of location independent work, they can approach you. In case they have questions or more information for you, but perhaps also to cooperate and to contribute ideas.
So.. that’s the way we are going to do it! In the upcoming articles you can read how I’m doing, going from being a ‘wannabe’ to a real Digital Nomad. Maybe you can learn a thing or two from the things I’m learning while I’m at it. I’ll share my path either way and I hope there will be useful tips for you.

Meeting with Esther Jacobs, the "most famous dutch digital nomad"

presentation Esther Jacobs at Knowmads

Personal Branding

Personal branding

Friday May 13

Inspirational Workshop a gift 

This morning I followed an unexpected inspiration workshop by Bernadette Vrijling of Aserto. This was how. Last night I was at Weblish for a training MailChimp when Manuela told us that there was still a free spot today, which was even free as well. Thus a gift. And so I also experienced this workshop, as a present.

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We have been to Seville for two days. What a lovely, lively and pleasant city! We highly recommend it.
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 We have stayed in the harbour of Mazagon six nights. It is a good looking, new and big marina. But also empty. I made me think of Muxia a little. There too, we were, together with the Jupita, the only passers.

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Reizen met een hond

Wij zeilen met een hond aan boord. Al jaren. Eigenlijk is dat nooit een probleem geweest. Ja, de twee jaren dat we naar de kanaaleilanden gingen. Toen lieten we de hond thuis. Want dat was geen doen daar, met de regels die ze hanteren. Dat was toen nog Jelle. Een behoorlijk uit de kluiten gewassen Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen.

Christmas holiday on the boat in Lagos


Christmas in Lagos

In December, we will go back to the boat, which is still in Lagos. Luckily our Christmas holiday starts early this year, because we want to be back on New Year’s Eve to celebrate with our friends. Dad would like be back too, because he wants to celebrate Christmas with family. Mom would have liked to stay away the entire Christmas holiday, but now we will go the week before Christmas and we fly back to the Netherlands on the first day of Christmas, very early in the morning.

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Up to the future


January 2016: I’m still 49,5 years old now….

Oh dear, this year I’ll turn fifty. And that will put me a in a different target group marketing wise. Banners of Tena Lady and life insurance companies will soon pop up on my computer screen when being online. And I will be officially adding up to the ageing of the Dutch labour market.

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Wannabe Digital Nomad

Wannabe Digital Nomad


February 2016

How I became a Wannabe Digital Nomad

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