Christmas holiday on the boat in Lagos


Christmas in Lagos

In December, we will go back to the boat, which is still in Lagos. Luckily our Christmas holiday starts early this year, because we want to be back on New Year’s Eve to celebrate with our friends. Dad would like be back too, because he wants to celebrate Christmas with family. Mom would have liked to stay away the entire Christmas holiday, but now we will go the week before Christmas and we fly back to the Netherlands on the first day of Christmas, very early in the morning.


Little lights in the harbor

When we arrive at the port in Lagos on Friday night, we see that many boats are decorated with Christmas lights. That’s really funny. On some boats it seems that cheerful lights are blinking on every stay . Also the palm trees are decorated as if they are Christmas trees. Very cute! There are many Englishmen in the harbor and they celebrate Christmas very abundantly. We also become quite cheerful because of it all!

It’s pretty crazy that the weather is nice and fairly warm for us, but that it is Christmas at the same time!


Christmas choir

The next evening we are eating inside the cabin, when we hear people singing outside. There is a group of people on the pier with santa hats on, singing Christmas carols. So cool! They also ask for some money for a local charity fund. We have never been on the boat around Christmas time, but it’s great fun.


Christmas dinner

On Christmas Eve we have already cleared the entire boat and prepared and packed our stuff. We need to leave really early tomorrow morning. I’m also very busy to buy some clothes online at Urban Outfitters, because there is a promotion on some clothes I would like to have until 12:00 pm tonight. To do that, I must take the laptop and take it to a terrace with WiFi. But that’s no problem, we do that quite often.

It’s fun to eat out on Christmas Eve. We walk to the old village, but it’s pretty quiet there. Many restaurants are closed or there are only a few people. It’s much more fun at the port to be honest. There are still many people on the terrace and there is a lot of commotion and good atmosphere. And there is a band playing some nice music.

So we walk back to the port and have a seat at Lazy Jacks. And what will our Christmas dinner be? We all choose a giant burger, haha! And on the TV a darts competition with two Dutch players is on. What a funny Christmas dinner. But it is nice and we’re enjoying ourselves. It was great to celebrate the holiday season on the boat.


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