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Personal branding

Friday May 13

Inspirational Workshop a gift 

This morning I followed an unexpected inspiration workshop by Bernadette Vrijling of Aserto. This was how. Last night I was at Weblish for a training MailChimp when Manuela told us that there was still a free spot today, which was even free as well. Thus a gift. And so I also experienced this workshop, as a present.

Twelve women were in the room, almost all of them were self-employed. But with very different backgrounds. For that reason alone, I found it such a fascinating session. As a freelancer, you are the company, the product or service. Bernadette herself is authentic and provides a pleasant way of training. There is room for questions and room to be vulnerable. Bernadette gives explanation from her own experience and perspective.



How do you profile yourself? That was the key question of the workshop. There were a few fun exercises to evoke positive energy, focus, and to experience what qualifications “strangers” give you.

Now recently I have read a lot and also watched several videos about personal branding and online profiling. But face to face and dynamics within a group gives a completely different perspective. In this case, it gives more. Such as valuable feedback and tips on my pitch. A pitch, besides, which I wrote three minutes in advance.

Sharp edge


One of the things that I found very interesting was naming the “sharp edges”. The cutting edge is something of you, that belongs to you, but perhaps could be a disadvantage for your clients in the first instance. Identify it, accept it, embrace it, and try to bend. And accept that not everyone has to appreciate it.

“Every disadvantage has its advantage”

The sharp edge of Bernadette is the fact that she is no longer so very young. Over 50. She has a video in which she presents herself where she is energetic and lively. This way you get to see it as it is, but it causes a possible bias to immediately be out of from the air. For example older than 50 and therefore slow, old-fashioned and dusty …

I myself am turning 50 this year, so a recognizable point.

What is my sharp edge?

The main focus during this workshop was the wish to do something with location independent work. Myself, I also partly work without depending on a location. Sometimes I’m on the boat when a candidate or client calls. Maybe not everyone likes that. But it belongs to me and that is how I want to work.

Another sharp edge appeared to me. I am a ‘wannabe Digital Nomad’. Wannabe on both sides. But also on the digital part. I try my best to develop myself in the digital area. That is fun, but can be frustrating at times. Esther Jacobs (itself a real Digital Nomad and author of different books about this), last week told me “.. Share your quest. Let people know that you are busy with this”. My relative digital awkwardness and the road I am walking to develop in this, could possibly be interesting for other people. Recognition perhaps? And if I share what I’ve learned and where I found what, somebody else doesn’t have to reinvent that wheel.

So two sharp edges, to start working with.


Rose waterdruppel

The Pitch

My pitch caused an eye-opener. And that is that I want too much and too fast. In my head I am already a few steps ahead.

The pitch that I had made:

Expert in the field of location-independent work. 

I connect companies that are looking for flexible and qualified talent with independent, entrepreneurial professionals who would like to (partially)work independent of place or time. 

What I encounter with this formulation, is that here I deal with two different target audiences, that in basis have different needs. And also would like to be approached differently. Moreover, it’s still a long way before I can mediate in this. So, focus so. Let’s start with becoming that expert!



My head is spinning on the way home. What now? The mediation of people is what I like, and what I do already. So I can just continue doing that. Also partly from the boat.

First let’s start off with becoming the expert in the field of location-independent work. Create a platform. In the first instance aimed at the people who want to work and live this way. That will be After that, I will go and gather enough interesting content to be able to something with is.


In a nutshell for myself:

Friendly website with the girls about sailing, lifestyle, travel and boat life. For this time being only a hobby.This website has recently been online but must be further expanded. We have also included a tap Wanna-beez. It is about our dreams and ambitions. Here I can also my personal blogs where I describe my steps towards a “Digital Nomad”.

Platform on which I share everything that I encounter in the field of location-independent work. At first as inspiration, but with the goal to eventually do something more with it, such as mediating functions (or tasks) that are not time- or location dependent. Perhaps an advisory role in this directing the business.

Het nieuwe logo van ETC

The new ETC logo


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